Ben Gill Restoration

Eric Wright Civil Engineering were awarded the Ben Gill Restoration project by United Utilities. The project is located at Ennerdale Weir and its immediate environs at Cleator, Cumbria.

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The works were commissioned to achieve the following objectives. The restoration of Ben Gill into the River Ehen to supply coarse sediment to the reach of the River Ehen to Ennerdale Bridge to encourage and support the recruitment of Freshwater Mussels.

The works included the formation of a gravel bar in the confluence of the River Ehen to assist the location of the downstream entrance of a future new fish pass by salmon migrating upstream.

Works also incorporated the construction of earthworks to contain river water flow in Ben Gill along with the construction of pedestrian and light vehicle bridge crossing the restored Ben Gill channel. A ford was constructed on forestry commission land south of the restored Ben Gill channel.

Enabling works:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Construction of haul road
  • Site compound setup.
  • Widening and upkeep of vehicular and pedestrian / bridleway access tracks

Earth works

  • Excavation of new trapezoidal Ben Gill channel.
  • The re-grading of land to the east side of the Ben Gill channel.


  • The demolition of the Ben Gill Intake structure
  • Breaking through the existing river walls 

Civil works

  • Construction of the training walls
  • Construction bridge structure
  • Abandonment of Ben Gill abstraction pipe
  • Silt containment measures


  • Laying of selected grasses for Ben Gill area.


  • Monitoring of the channel whilst flushing monitored by the EA
  • Final testing of channel before flows are allowed down the river


Client: United Utilities

Contract: Ben Gill Restoration

Value: £502,725.43