Booths Penrith

The new Booths store has been designed fit the town’s landscape, utilising locally sourced slate and sandstone materials.

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The new development comprises of a 32,000 sq ft Booths food store, a new retail unit of 6,093 sq ft and incorporates the existing WCF Country Centre fronting a 170 space customer car park.

The original site was contaminated and underwent significant remediation involving regular liaison with the EHO and Environment Agency. Due to the adjacent main line railway there was also significant contact with Network Rail.

The contract also included 278 works to Brunswick Road to improve access and safety.

Works to the shell of the Booths Store and the adjacent unit were undertaken in conjunction with a separate contract to undertake the fitting out of the Booths Store (fit-out £2.9m).

High-tech, innovative technologies have been used in the design of Penrith's Booths store to ensure the building has minimal impact on the environment. These include:

  • Highly advanced refrigeration system that uses a low-impact natural refrigerant which replaces traditional greenhouse gas refrigerants
  • Glass doors on the fridges that will keep the food fresh and provides a 45 per cent saving on energy
  • The voltage within the store will be carefully monitored so that a consistent 220 volts is maintained - meaning excessive power is not wasted
  • Rain water will be collected in underground tanks and used to flush toilets as well as operating washing machines
  • A heat recovery system

The store also includes a café, juice bar and fresh fish counter.

Client: EH Booth & Co

Contract Value: £7.9m

Size: 32,000sq ft

Completion: September 2011

Duration: 40 weeks