Grane Valley

The main purpose of the project is to improve the overflow and spillway facilities at both reservoirs, allowing PMF flows to be safely routed through the Grane Valley cascade and the reservoirs to be returned to their normal operating levels.

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Ogden IR

Temporary and permanent diversion of pipelines and associated services. Construction of auxiliary overflow facilities comprising a RC overflow weir and crest bridge, wedge block spillway channel, reinforced concrete stilling basin and erosion protection works. Demolition of tunnel section at the foot of the existing spillway and replacement with RC open channel and vehicle access bridge incorporating permanent pipeline and service diversions.

This Contract will also address deficiencies in the existing wave wall, raise the dam core and either remediate or remove structures which are showing signs of distress

Holden Wood

Construction of reinforced concrete overflow facilities and auxiliary overflow channel. Reducing downstream slope of embankment including retaining structures, flow collector drain and upgrading of scour facilities.

At Ogden IR, this Contract will also improve the stability of the existing embankment, reduce its susceptibility to internal erosion, and improve the draw down / scour facilities.

All works are necessary to allow safe raising of the reservoirs to their normal operating levels are to be completed in advance of the proposed outage of the Haweswater Aqueduct in October 2013.

Client: United Utilities

Value: £4.8m

Duration: 64 weeks

Watch work in progress by viewing our time lapse video here: Grane Valley Time Lapse Video