Hodder Filter Refurbishment

The project involved the refurbishment of water filters and the installation of new working platforms so that maintenance work can be carried out on the filters.

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The Haweswater Aqueduct is due to be taken out of service to carry out maintenance work in October 2013. Hodder is one of the water treatment works that will have to supply water to cope with the demand while the aqueduct is out of service. Due to various issues with the filters at Hodder there is a risk that the planned aqueduct outage will have to be abandoned if Hodder WTW cannot produce a minimum of 80Ml/d (Mega litres per day). Refurbishment work needed to be carried out on the filters at Hodder to ensure it could cope with the water output demand and that the planned aqueduct work can be carried out.

A full case study is available to download here: Hodder Filter Refurbishment Case Study

Client Unitied Utilities

Contract Hodder Filter Refurbishment

Value £445k

Duration 21 Weeks