Oldham Youth Zone

The Oldham Youth Zone is a world class facility for the young people of Oldham. The objective is to give children and young people the opportunity to make constructive use of their leisure time, and support them through any challenges they face.

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The site is ideally located for the Youth Zone being close to the city centre and the main transport links. The site encompasses the area currently occupied by the Marjorie Lees Health Centre located on the corner of Egerton Street and Horseridge Street, Oldham. 

The finished building is three storeys at the rear and two storeys to the front and of a similar scale to the existing two storey building. The building materials have been chosen to be durable, sustainable and individual. The use of masonry at the middle and lower floor levels is intended to ground the building into the sloping site and be durable as well as sustainable. The rainscreen cladding panels at the upper floor have been chosen for their colour changing properties. Depending on the angle of viewing, the chosen panel changes colour. The polycarbonate panels on the roof will provide light into the central street and create a ‘beacon at each end of the building. The beacon is intended to be lit up at night to signpost the building from a distance.

The building aims to be an exemplar of sustainable design. The most noticeable sustainable feature is the solar wall on the south elevation. This large black panel on the southern wall of the sports hall will be highly visible. Technically this will preheat air for use in the sports hall and reduce running costs. Visually it will make a clear statement of the sustainable intentions of the building and promote an awareness of the issue amongst the young people and the wider community alike.

Client: OnSide North West

Value: £3.3m

Start: January 2011

Completion: November 2011

Duration: 46 weeks