St Marys Catholic College

As part of the Blackpool BSF scheme Eric Wright Partnerships worked with architects Nightingale Associates on this exciting and innovative learning space.

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As part of the Blackpool Building Schools for the Future scheme St Mary's Catholic College is an exciting new combined secondary and primary school. The project comprises the construction of 1,220 place secondary school, 210 place primary school and place of worship.

Phase One of the redevelopment included a modern new sixth form facilities, revolutionary science and computer labs, around 40 new contemporary classrooms and a fitness gym.

The second phase included the opening of an exciting new sixth form, a school hall and dining hall and new, ungraded staff facilities. The final phase will complete in 2014 when Christ the King Primary School and Christ the King Parish Church will move onto site.

At the heart of the school is a central concourse, formed by utilising an existing 1950s building. This runs the length of the school and visually and physically links all the elements of the scheme together.

Secondary school teaching accommodation is organised as five faculty based learning houses; each designed to be flexible and interactive, with three double sized classrooms located around a central double height presentation area. These general learning areas are supported by specialist teaching nodes, including large open plan science laboratories, in and off of the central concourse.

The new school building will achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good' rating through the specification of materials with low embodied energy and the use of natural ventilation. The fabric of the existing buildings will be utilised to increase thermal mass, with photovoltaics used to create renewable energy.

Construction has taken place on a live campus and required complex logistic and phasing plans together with temporary works to overcome the many challenges of working on an occupied constrained site.