Whitegate Bridge

Deck Replacement works at Whitegate Railway Bridge

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The works consist of removing the existing wrought iron bridge deck which is in very poor condition being heavily rusted with section loss and holes. The connection between the cross girders and edge beams is very poor and its strength cannot be relied on. The paint on the deck contains lead.

A new in situ reinforced concrete box is to be constructed. A concrete backing will be placed between the abutments then faced in brick. Temporary horizontal propping is required between the abutments to support them. A steel parapet will be provided. There will be footway and road surfacing works.

There are overhead cables (3No 33KV) approx 30m west of the bridge. There are also overhead BT cables approx 10m west of the bridge. BT cables and a 63mm gas pipe are buried in the south footway. These services shall be supported on a beam during the works. Traffic signal cables are in ducts and lay on top of the south footway over the bridge. They are buried beyond the bridge. The road will be closed at the bridge with the A54 used as the diversion route. Pedestrian diversions are required with the provision of steps down the north side embankments. There will be no provision for horses. The pedestrian diversion route for the Whitegate Way will be via the vehicle access to the car park.

Client: Cheshire West & Chester Council

Contract: Whitegate Bridge

Value: £252k

Duration: 14 weeks