Catering Clients

All our clients, whether that be in the education or healthcare sector expect, a service that is progressive; meets the needs of its staff, pupils and visitors across all age groups, with a particular emphasis on healthy eating.

The supplier they choose must believe in the service they offer, have a passion to work in partnership and an understanding of their own challenges to continue to develop and improve the catering environment.

Our clients also want to work with companies that believe in making a positive impact on the environment, and source food from locally produced suppliers.

Our commitment is not only the promise to deliver fantastic catering services using prime fresh ingredients from local suppliers, but also to commit to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children and young people and vulnerable adults, including the commitment from our own staff, volunteers, suppliers and partner organisations.

Our current clients include:

  • Cheshire PFI Primary Schools

- Cambridge Road Primary School

- Childer Thornton Primary School

- William Stockton Primary School

- Parklands Primary School

- Wolverham Primary School

  • Highfield Humanties College, Blackpool
  • Whitegate Health Centre, Blackpool


We work closely with school food councils and student food ambassadors to discuss, agree and implement ideas, suggestions and initiatives into their catering services.

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