Considerate Constructors

Eric Wright Construction place great emphasis on ensuring that all Health and Safety matters are properly communicated to all concerned.


We have received outstanding accolades on many of our recent projects for our commitment to the local community through this scheme usually scoring in excess of the required threshold.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme, a national initiative set up in 1997, is a voluntary code of practice which helps to maintain the industry's ethical standards, ensuring that all firms are sensitive to the environment, communities and neighbourhoods in which they work.

The Code consists of the following five sections:

  • Care about Appearance 
  • Respect the Community 
  • Protect the Environment 
  • Secure everyone's Safety 
  • Value their Workforce

Several of our sites have been presented bronze awards at the Considerate Constructors National Awards in recognition of highest standards of consideration including Bolton One, Leigh Pilot Primary School, Rawtenstall Health Centre and Hindley Green Primary School.

The majority of our sites have also received Performance beyond Compliance certificates which are only awarded when a site performs beyond compliance by scoring at least seven points in each of the five sections of the Schemes Site Code of Considerate Practice.