Our Food

To make great food, you need great ingredients. We procure our food from locally sourced suppliers across Lancashire and Cheshire, using our partners Food Service Options to ensure only the best quality and value for money ingredients are used.

When meals are prepared from scratch using prime fresh ingredients it is automatically easier to achieve nutritionally compliant meals. Our support partner RPJ3 Group analyse our menus using ‘U Port' analysis system.

We keep student favourites on the menu, we achieve this by replacing chicken nuggets with sticky chicken fillets, marinated in the kitchen that morning and keeping ever popular roast meat and fish on our menus every week. The difference with an Eric Wright FM lunch is our roast meat is a fresh joint roasted in the kitchen and not pre-cooked and sliced, and our fish is prime white fillet not minced or chopped fish bits.

A significant amount of thought goes into all our menus, ensuring students are exposed to a range of balanced choices. We understand how our customers make their choices and guide them in choosing a well balanced range of high nutrition options, as well as cost effective and fulfilling choices. Our hot choices are supported by a substantial deli bar available throughout the year, completing our delicious menu range. 

For more menu information please view the documents below:

Example Menu 1

Example Menu 2

School Food Trust Nutrition Guide


Our approach is simple "Healthy food is not healthy unless its eaten".