Mission Statement

It is our aim at Sceptre Nursery that every child develops a lively, enquiring mind, feels happy, safe, secure and fulfils his/her own potential in every aspect or learning and growth. To achieve this we provide a well resourced and stimulating environment that:

  • Protects and nurtures the well-being and health of the child
  • Encourages a sense of belonging and active involvement in the education process for children and their families
  • Ensure that opportunities for learning are fair and each child's contribution and individuality is valued, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age or background
  • Recognise, promote and protects the language and symbols of our own and other cultures
  • Recognise that children learn through exploration
  • Values and promotes play as proving meaningful learning
  • Provides a broad balanced curriculum that meets the needs of each child reflecting The Foundation Stage from birth until the end of reception year
  • Provides opportunities for children to take responsibility and to share in decisions that affect them
  • Recognise that the acquisition of knowledge and skills should be planned and appropriate to each child's needs.

We are confident that this approach will give lasting benefits to our children and lay secure foundations for the next stage of schooling.