Supply Chain

As a regional contractor, Eric Wright Construction draws extensively on locally sourced suppliers and subcontractors, subcontracting approximately 80% of our works.


It is recognised that in order to ensure the availability of reliable and consistent resources, we must work closely with our supply chain members, and for them to have an early commitment to our projects.

Our company ethos broadly supports the approach to integrated supply chain management characterised by Constructing Excellence: that of offering best underlying value to a client in a competitive environment. We believe that bringing our supply chain relationships into play enables us to deliver our projects with the following benefits:

  • Reduced real costs
  • Less waste
  • Greater out-turn cost certainty
  • Better underlying value
  • Better long-term planning.

Sub-Contractor Vetting

We maintain a wide database of tried and trusted subcontractors and suppliers built up over many years, with many of whom we have had both informal and formal partnering arrangements on past projects. We continue to update and expand our lists with new entries where appropriate.

All Eric Wright Group subcontractors are formally vetted in terms of Health and Safety, Environmental, Financial, Quality Assurance, Insurance and Equal Opportunities. Only contractors who are on the EWC database are used. Anyone not on the database will have to complete the competence questionnaire form, to enable them to prove they comply with EWG policies and procedures.

Local Labour

As a member of Business in the Community (, Eric Wright Construction is committed to our ethos and value of being a socially responsible business. By targeting local labour and local suppliers, we can contribute to a sustainable community within the areas in which we work.

It is group policy to employ, wherever possible, local sub-contractors and suppliers with a view to engaging with the local community and with the intention of improving efficiency through shorter travel to work distances and manpower availability.

Our approach is to:

  • Tender all works packages to local companies wherever possible
  • When tendering work packages, we include an award criteria weighted towards the use of local labour/suppliers, and include this clause within the placed contract
  • Favour subcontractors who can demonstrate a commitment to training and local employment
  • Work closely with the North West Apprenticeship Company to identify opportunities for apprenticeship weeks during the design development and construction of the schemes
  • Work with our sub-contractors to maximise the use of local labour, provide opportunities for NEET groups, as well as link with local initiatives that have been established to support training and employment opportunities
  • Carry out "Meet the Buyer" events for local companies which will increase the awareness of the opportunities available throughout the contract and link ourselves with local businesses
  • Link with the relevant Job Centre Plus to ensure any vacancies are placed through the appropriate channels.